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Lancaster County Rental and Utility Assistance Program

Unable to Pay Rent Due to Covid-19 – Rental and Utility Assistance Still Available

A note from Tabor Community Services

We want to share some news about resources that Tabor and Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) have put together to help everyone navigate their housing and financial challenges during this time of COVID-19. We know that times are very tough, and we feel for our neighbors. We are rooting for our health care workers, grocery store workers, law enforcement, emergency responders, delivery drivers—people who are on the front lines of this fight. And of course, our team members and our partners at the Homelessness Coalition, who are making sure that individuals who are especially vulnerable—people living in the streets, people living in shelters—are not forgotten and are well supported during this difficult time.

Navigating COVID-19 Info Guide provides a series of factsheets that will help you to talk to your landlord, talk to your lender, and to make a plan. 

The 14-page guide includes links for social service providers, utility assistance and help in paying loans and bills. 

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