How Do I Access Mental Health Services

If you or someone you love needs help coping with a mental illness (see article on back), there is help available. Go to your family doctor, your employee assistance officer, your school counselor or your minister. These people can refer you to a competent therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist with whom you can talk or from whom you can obtain appropriate support and/or services.

If such resources are not available to you, or if you do not have health insurance that covers treatment for mental illness, contact the MH Intake Unit at 717-393-0421.

They will arrange an appointment for an intake inter-view to determine your needs and financial liability. (Financial liability determines how much, if anything, you can afford to contribute to cost of services).

However, do not put off obtaining help, particularly in the case of threats of suicide or harm to others. In such emergency situations, call Crisis Intervention at 394-2631.