Ongoing Services and Supports

Eligibility for Ongoing Supports

To receive Ongoing Intervention the child must complete an evaluation and meet eligibility criteria determined by the State of Pennsylvania. Ongoing Intervention is recommended when a child and family would benefit from regular services to help their child reach developmental milestones.

Support Coordination 

Eligible children and families are assigned to a Support Coordinator that will monitor their needs throughout their time working with Early Intervention. This Support Coordinator will help the family create an Individualized Family Service Plan(IFSP) that will document the families concerns, strengths and the child's developmental needs. The IFSP will also document the services that will be received, where they will occur and how often.

Ongoing Intervention/Supports

The Ongoing Intervention provided to the family and child is based upon coaching practices. Our interventionists will come to the child's home or other familiar setting and will help parents or caregivers learn ways to encourage their child's development. The interventionists are also equipped to help families brainstorm solutions to difficult routines. Early Intervention utilizes qualified Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Special Instructors and other supports.


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