Getting Started with Early Intervention

Making a Referral

Early Intervention has streamlined the referral process to make it fast and easy for your family. Referrals can be made by contacting our office at 717-399-7323. A referral to Early Intervention can be completed by anyone from parents to doctors to daycare providers. The only requirements are that the child be between the ages of birth to three years old, the family have a concern for development and the child reside in Lancaster County, PA.

Once referred, children and families will be assigned a Support Coordinator to help them through the screening and/or evaluation process. Screenings and evaluations cover all 5 areas of development:


Baby talking on the phone

 (Eating, Sleeping, Dressing)

(Play, Figuring out the world)

(Understanding and Talking)

(Crawling, Walking, Sitting)

Social Emotional 
(Behavior, Interacting)

Baby putting pegs on a rod

Group of Babies Playing

Developmental Screening

Any family can contact our office, at 717-399-7323, to request a developmental screening for their child. The screenings are typically done over the phone and last about 30 minutes. The screening reviews all 5 areas of development and can help the family identify developmental strengths and concerns. The family can also opt to have an evaluation scheduled following the completion of the screening.

Developmental Evaluation

The evaluation involves our team coming out to the child's environment to engage in activities that resemble play, discussion with the family and observations of routine activities. Following the evaluation, the Support Coordinator will discuss services and options for the family and child. These options could include ongoing intervention or referrals to community resources and services.

Children Three to Five Years Old

Lancaster County Early Intervention supports children from ages birth to three years old. If you have a three to five year old, and concerns regarding their development, please contact the Preschool Age Early Intervention Program at 717-606-1601.