Individuals Served

Program Eligibility

The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Program serves children and adults who have an eligible intellectual or developmental disability diagnosis and reside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Mother and children


Our program typically receives referrals from individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and from families with minors who have an intellectual or developmental disability. A referral can be made by contacting our offices at 717-399-7355 to request an intake. The individual with the intellectual or developmental disability must be in agreement with the intake and it is preferred that the family also be in agreement with the support.

Determining a Disability

An Intellectual Disability is found when both intellectual functioning (learning, problem solving and reasoning) and adaptive behavior (difficulties with everyday skills) are significantly limited. The disability occurs before the age of 22 and is a lifelong condition. 

There is no cure for Intellectual Disability but education and skills training can greatly improve quality of life and can encourage more independence.

For a Developmental Disability, specifically for Autism, there needs to be an Autism diagnosis and testing showing that adaptive behavior (difficulties with everyday skills) is significantly limited.  The disability occurs before the age of 22 and is a lifelong condition.  An individual with Autism must be financially eligible for Medicaid services.  

Additional Eligibility Information

For Medicaid Waiver funding, individuals must be eligible financially for Medicaid Services in PA.

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